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PVC compounds for Wires & Cables

PVC compounds are often used for electrical cable jacketing due to its excellent electrical insulating properties, physical properties in both low and high temperature, and dielectric constant.  PVC compounds are commonly used in low voltage wire & cable (up to 10 kV), telecommunication lines, automotive wires other electrical wiring.

Basic formulation for the production of PVC insulation and jacket compounds for wire and cable is generally composed of the following:

  1. PVC resin
  2. Plasticizer
  3. Filler
  4. Pigment
  5. Stabilizers
  6. Lubricants
  7. Other additives.

Our PVC compounds for wires & cables are complied with RoHS, we have directed customers to use our RoHS compliant products for their wires and cables to protect the environment.