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PVC compounds for various flexible injection parts

PVC compounds are commonly used in many other applications such as motor-bike parts and construction. Vitahco has developed many grades of PVC compounds for the demand of these markets.

  • Soft grades for grip handle for bicycles and motorcycles with matt surface and weather resistance
  • Grades for motorcycle footrest
  • Grades for injection moulding of big and complicated parts
  • Very soft grades for general purpose injection moulding application

Technical Data Sheet

Typical properties

Test method



Specific gravity

ISO 1183


1.27 ÷ 1.36


ASTM D 2240

Shore A

62 ÷ 81

Tensile strength

IEC 811 1:1


30 ÷ 50

Elongation at break

IEC 811 1:1


270 ÷ 380

Thermal stability at 200°C

IEC 811 3:2


30 ÷ 50


In each inquiry, we collect the customer’s requirements on hardness, color and application to design a suitable grade of PVC compound to make customer pleased on quality.



  • For other properties, please contact us to get a TDS for each grade you need
  • Lead-free grades or Phthalate-free grades are available upon request