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PVC compounds for hoses and fence wires

The range covers flexible PVC compounds for extrusion of hoses, fence wires and automotive trimmings. Compounds with special properties such as UV, fungus and migration resistance are available upon request

  • Transparent hose for outdoor use (Cd free)
  • Economic grades for garden hose
  • Low hardness grades for garden hose
  • Oil & gas resistant grades for outer layer of pressure hoses
  • General purpose fence wires sheathing
  • Gabion wires sheathing grade with good weather resistance
  • Lateral protector for automotive

Technical Data Sheet

Typical properties

Test method



Specific gravity

ISO 1183


1.23 ÷ 1.42


ASTM D 2240

Shore A

65 ÷ 78

Tensile strength

IEC 811 1:1


12 ÷ 25

Elongation at break

IEC 811 1:1


270 ÷ 350

Thermal stability at 200°C

IEC 811 3:2


30 ÷ 50


In each inquiry, we collect the customer’s requirements on hardness, color and application to design a suitable grade of PVC compound to make customer pleased on quality.



  • For other properties, please contact us to get a TDS for each grade you need
  • Lead-free grades or Phthalate-free grades are available upon request